You throw your time in the ditch.

The other day, Haruma Miura passed away. My thoughts are with him.

By the way, did you think of him yesterday? Maybe you didn't I think. Then, Hana Kimura? Maybe you did't also. That's all. After all, it's human beings who can only think of what is in front of us. So it can't be helped?

Many people said that we should stop and another person died. It's ironic. Even if I said, you'll do it again. I was told to write about the news I'm interested. That's why I just do. Well, however I don't want to finish this length, so I'll write a little more.

First, is it a waste of time? I suppose that you had better study, exercise, sleep, cook or read instead of giving your poo with the others.If you spend 5 minutes a day on vomiting, it is a calculation that wastes 1825 minutes or about 30 hours in 1 year. Does that make you want to die? This is also true for SNS such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Why don't we stop anymore? This plan of not using SNS does not only apply to those who slander. Tired of being overwhelmed by the content posted by celebrities on SNS? Am I the only one who finds it more fun to spend my time for myself or others? What I can is hoping it isn't