Presentation of SFT in English

英語の授業で、oral presentationみたいな授業とってて、そこでSFTについて説明したプレゼンをしたので、共有させていただきますねん


In developing countries, there are a lot of children who cannot study even though they wish to study. In addition to this, even in  developed countries, there is a problem that college textbooks are too expensive to buy. As you may know, “Quality Education” is one of the goals  of SDGs. It is said that obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improv people’s lives and sustainable development. We, university students, can contribute to this goal by participating in the activity of this volunteer group; STUDY FOR TWO. Let’s check that what kind of activity they do, how we can join in this volunteer activity.
STUDY FOR TWO is a General Incorporated Association, “Ippan shadan hojin(一般社団法人) in Japanese” which is also a student group at the same time because only university students are doing some kind of volunteer activities. They have two visions. The first is “for a world where all children who want to study can study”, and the second is “for a world where it is commonplace to be able to purchase college textbooks at lower prices”.
The structure of the STUDY FOR TWO’s support to developing countries is as follows. At first, they ask students to donate their used textbooks at the end of each semester. Next, those textbooks will be resold at low cost, basically at half price, to university students at the beginning of the semester. Then, over 80% of the profits will be donated to children in developing countries to support their education.
The STUDY FOR TWO has had great achievements since it was established in 2010. Over the past 10 years, they have been able to donate a total of over thirty million yen. By the profits, they have been able to provide educational opportunities in the form of scholarships and school construction to a total of two thousand children in  developing countries. They also have offered more than  forty thousand textbooks at less than half price and have contributed to students’ learning at university. At present, around  six hundred fifty university students from forty five universities across Japan are participating in the STUDY FOR TWO and are working on the activities.
In summary, the STUDY FOR TWO has implemented educational cooperation in some developing countries for a long time. We can also contribute to their activity by donating textbooks you no longer use and by purchasing textbooks they sell at a low price. Why don’t we seek a world where all children who want to study can study?

 Thank you.

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